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Default Re: could chris gardocki be gone?

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter07
Well the thing is ... I know a Millions seems like alot .. but unless we are gonna go after a rookie who doesnt have much experience ... then we are only gonna save 500, 000 after we pay someone elses salary and that persons salary is gonna go up each year with an annual increase. Plus, you dont really know what you have with an unproven player which in my mind makes Gardocki worth it. He can always take a small pay cut if we needed to be under a cap that badly or do something.

like i said, If barr outperforms Gardocki this year it wont be because of a cap situation.. but because he outplayed him in camp and the Steelers feel barr would be a better alternative. But next year pending on where the salary cap is at and the what the Steelers will do as far as some of the peoplethey need to resign and what direction they are going to go will prolly help in determining Gardocki's fate.
going off your idea of trading morgan for tj duckett (who has kind of a high cap number, which is one of the drawbacks) im wondering if someone like gardocki would have to be cut to fit duckett under the cap, or give someone like ike taylor an extension?
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