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Default Re: SteelCityMan786's Rant on people whining about Super Bowl Reffing

I feel your pain SteelCity. But I take comfort, when I think about the conversations I've had with fans who understand football and it's rules. And the general consensus is, that yeah there were some iffy calls, but comparable to a boxing match, if you're not getting the points, knock your opponent out. The Seahawks didn't, The Steelers did.

The thing that gets me going is everyone elses defense of the holding calls on Seattle. Damn near every single offensive snap Seattle took, I could see Clark Haggans just about in a headlock by the o-line. Oh yeah, and when Ben was "in flight" toward the end zone, the tip of the ball did in fact break the plane, and that's all you need.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

(for this issue at least)

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