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Default Re: Penguins pick Malkin skates out on his Russian club

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
I'm not really buying into the Russian mafia theory. I've heard it thrown around a good bit in this city since the Malkin saga began and I just think that's way out there. If that was the case; meaning Malkin could choose to play in Russia or defect and have his family tortured and killed I would have to believe Malkin would choose to stay in Russia.

On that note, I can't name one Russian hockey player in recent memory who hasn’t come to the NHL given opportunity. I don’t recall Mrs. Bure, Mrs. Fedorov, Mrs. Mogilny or Mrs. Kovalev being whacked on a street corner in downtown Moscow.

If anything, I feel it was direct pressure from the Russian hockey federation. He's a young kid. Inside a country which is not exactly the poster child of democracy. Did not exactly want to leave his homeland on bad terms but the Russian hockey federation pushed him to that edge and he jumped.
It's actually a fact that the Russian mafia controls the Russian Superleague and pretty much everything else over there. There's also been speculation that Velichkin himself has ties to them. Now they may not harm his family, but they likely are the driving force behind this - plus, if you're Malkin, do you really want to take the chance that they MIGHT threaten them or pressure them? That's why he needs to get them out of the country. Do you recall Ovechkin having this much trouble last season when he came over here? He was in the same situation as Malkin - had a couple years left on his contract with his RSL team, turned in his resignation and then signed with the Caps. There wasn't anywhere near this much drama involved with him, other than his RSL team attempting to sue the NHL and it getting thrown out of court. Why now is Malkin having so much trouble? Answer: GREED.
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