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Default Re: Bengals not physical enough

This arguement will be proved completely wrong this season. Sharpe will be forced to recant his statement after the bengals pull automatic weapons on the opposing team and holds the whole stadium hostage at gunpoint for hours until the FBI informs them that Mike Brown has already posted their bail by mortgagin the whole franchise. After the incident coach Marvin Lewis took action to sign the three men that were arrested in Michigan on possible terrorist charges after bein caught with over 1,000 cell phones in their van. Lewis made a statement that by having a criminal record the three men already qualified to be members of the bengal organization and that their prowess in the communication industry would enable him to be informed ahead of time of future criminal actions committed not by single players but by the whole team as a group conspiracy. It appears that Lewis has begun to shift his interests from attemptin to be a NFL coach and has instead begun to transition himself into the assumed role of mafia don. Lewis argues that his time workin for the ravens organization has qualified him for this role and will soon be workin on various "campaigns" to raise extra money for the bengals.


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