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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

What I heard in the interviews with Palmer tells the tale..... He doesn't feel that he is ready - - - he is doubting himself in his head, and that will lead to indecision when and if he finally goes in to play.... I know that the surgery and healing process have been hard on him, but he has to get out there and do it.....

It is interesting to see how two individuals handle injury and adversity - - - - Palmer has been the naysayer and Ben didn't have a moment of doubt that he would be out there playing ASAP!!!!!!

I am glad that we have the right man leading our team - - - - wait - - - strike that - - - we have the right MEN leading our team - - - a Quarterback with guts and the mindset to win, and a Coach who has confidence in his players and will be supportive, no matter what!!!!!

Mahalo, Ben and mahalo, Coach Cowher for being exactly what we need to repeat...... Miami, here we come............
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