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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

Funny, it seemed only a few months ago both of those individuals had no problem telling the world how they would be ready for the regular season and back stronger than ever!

Now it seems that Carson has transformed from Alexander the "Great" to Timid Tiny Tim. While at the same time Marvin is playin the angry father who wants to push his kid harder than the kid is able in or for him to live vicariously through his supposed guaranteed success. Interestin to say the least.

On a side note, the newly self-appointed "Don of Cin-city" Marvin Lewis performed another interview today in which he stated that the man he thought was his "up-and-comer" has now become soft and a possible leak to his secure organization that he now refers to as the "Black Stripes." This new moniker for the bengals team and organization given by Lewis is supposed to call attention away from the color orange which in the words or the esteemed Don Lewis are "too close to what I've seen in the Pen." Questions as to whether these comments mean that Lewis is "jail-o-phobic" are yet to be answered but with most of his team possibly havin to spend time in the penal system it would be understandable that Lewis would not want to associate his organization with a color that some would regard as far too appropriate. As to the new methods of organizational fundraisin that is again still yet to be decipherred. When it finally is the report to the public will most likely be delayed due to the FBI not wantin to tip off the Don that he has been found out on his illegal activity. The FBI and other government organizations have commented that not since the time of Al Capone has an individual took such control of a delusional and out of control society with the ease and extent that Marvin Lewis has. This has been creditted to the fact that, like Capone, Lewis has surrounded himself with various types and kinds of men that can be used for all sorts of criminal activity.


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