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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

Originally Posted by CantStop85
Funny how people were criticizing Palmer for trying to rush back into action and risk injury...and now the same people are criticizing him for doing the complete opposite.

Ben's and Carson's injuries aren't even comparable. Carson was injured on the field, Ben was injured on a bike. The same hesitancy from Carson about getting back on the field is the same hesitancy that Ben will probably experience about getting back on his bike.

Are you kidding me? So, if Carson doesn't rush back onto the field, it's going to ruin his career? The idea of taking it slow is making sure he's 100% so he doesn't reinjure his knee and ruin his career.
exactly...who has it all too loose by coming back to early??? sure as hell isn't marv!!! palmer had the serious version of knee problems and by rights shouldn't even see the field till probably week 4. i would have said week 1 would have been pushing it,but to come back in a meaningless pre season game would be assanine on his part and lewis's.
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