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Default Re: Talks resume -- not that they matter to Ike

It is all about the Benjamins; ignore the "I want to stay" talk.

We talk a lot about players not giving a home team discount to play for the Steelers, but loyalty is not going to get you special bonus points with the Steelers.

Carnell Lake played out of position at CB after Woodson tore up his knee in 1995 and again in 1997 after the Steelers made one of their worst FA signings ever with whomever they signed to replace Woodson at CB(Woolfolk?) and benched by midseason. After those sacrifices Cowher said Lake would always be a Steeler, but Lake was gone after 1998 when the Steelers would not come close to what Jax offered.

The Steelers should not overpay but players including Taylor know it is a business and need to take care of themselves. Ike's gamble is that after 1year as a starter either he will develop into a higher priced player this year or teams now will start to pick on shortcomings that the Seahawks appeared to exploit and his value will go down.

My point is that after this season someone's negotiating position will be better, with Taylor and the Steelers being as close to a deal now as they ever will be. It appears Taylor's price is beyond what the Steelers will budget for DBs with Troy's new contract looming.

Could be Coclough and McFadden at CB in 2007.
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