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Default Re: Talks resume -- not that they matter to Ike

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter07
True Tony they cant count on a hit every year... that is why they have to be smart about it and maybe overpaying for Taylor ( especially the price he is requesting) may not be very smart.. is amazing to me the conflict people throw out over $500 000 we save over keeping a younger cheaper punter over a vet ... but to pay Taylor 10 plus million signing bonus with a large base salary as well just doesnt make sense. I think that we forget the system the Steelers use makes our corners better...especially when we have our Blitzburgh mindset going and the QB makes mistakes rather than the D Back just making awesome plays. As i have said, I like Taylor, yes he does have potential.. but to pay him that kind of money on potential alone usually doesnt pan out in the NFL. Teams that do that are usually on some sportwriters list of "the worst moves" and a move like that often ends up in dead weight or baggage years down the road. I wouldnt sign him either if i was F/O at this point and wait and take a look at end of season cause what he is asking already is the most he will get even IF he had a standout year and was a PRO BOWL player and considered one of the best.
the steelers are in a predicament. the 10 mil signing bonus dont sound like so much when you consider what bonuses players will be getting in 6 years. granted i understand that is probably too much to pay now and the steelers wont do it for principal alone, but we must keep an eye toward the future, retaining good players before they become too expensive. resigning ben and troy at this point would save more money in the long run, if we do it now rather than wait till the future.

if ikes signing bonus is a hang up now we might as well kiss ben and troy goodbye cause the steelers simply dont keep the highest paid position players around. how are we gonna keep (and pay) ben top dollar if hes not putting up numbers like peyton or palmer, or winning as many champs as brady,not to mention players like vick, who is currently the highest paid player in the league. polamalu is gonna command about $6 -7 mil/ year when his time is up. will the steelers ante up? past history says no

our current coach's market value is to be the highest paid coach in the league. we see where that has gone. parker and our linemen need to be paid. faneca will need some more $$$ soon.

not only does this spell bad for taylor, it spells bad for just about every contributing veteran on the team. the steelers either buck their trend and start locking up good players before they are in their final years of their contracts or they resign them a bit early for the long term (which means gamble a bit), or they continue groming great young players for other teams to sign on a big contract.

if you make a mistake on a rod woodson you cant get him back (not saying the steelers didnt make him a fair offer). if you make a mistake on an ike taylor you can always cut or trade him. the steelers waiting and hoping that the price of cb's to drop is kind of like waiting for the price of oil to drop before you invest in exxon.

mu point is.... ikee is just asking for current market value. if the steelers cant give that to an average cb then they definitely wont give that to the best safety in the league nor a top 5 qb. (if you take into account bens 1st 2 year an agent could even argue the best qb)

keeping ben and troy could eventually mean players like farrior, faneca, and porter being cut. again.... a delimma.

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