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Default Re: Autographs

I've got over 1000 autographs of the Steelers. Some from as early back as 1933
I Started Collecting when I was younger and kept the hobby going, but as i grew it went from trading cards to photos and memorabilia.
Training camp is the best for many compared to all other avenue's.
But here is a
Few tips I can give you...

#1 Learn your players and coaches without seeing there Number
#2 Call them over by Mr. so and so can I have a moment of your time?
#3 Even if they look at you and dont come over wish them good, I have had many turn back and sign.
#4 Always have your marker and item ready
#5 Never ask for more than 1 auto for yourself
#6 Thank them for there time
#7 Always be nice to security as they are your best helper or hurter by blocking you.
#8 Alot of the big names will sign faster if you say"make it out to me" this way they know your not getting it to sell it.

I do very well after Steelers games as well, I have even gotten the chance to sit and drink a beer with Russ Grimm after a game while he was sitting on the back of his pick-up truck in the lot. You will get some before if you watch when they come in. If you truly are after somebody really bad, wear there jersey or have a sign of them. That will get them to notice you and stop or come over. Kids help at Camp the most. Remember treat them like a human being not a Superstar and your collection will grow....

I also have had much success by mail. I have over 400 addresses of present and past Steelers. I send them a photo or item with a self addressed return envelope and get 85% back.

Hope this helps and if anybody is looking for any autographs let me know I may have an extra for sale. I dont sell for profit I sell to increase my hobby. As we all know pictures and helmets and footballs all cost money to buy even before you get it signed.

Dont be foolish and get overcharged by promotors of appearences, there is many chances at events locally that Steelers are at. Believe me...... BUT it doesn't hurt to know a few for when you want that auto you just cant seem to get.

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