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Default Re: What is it like to be around Steeler fans all the time???

Soon I will know what it is like and then I can tell my own story. This will be my fifth Steeler game and I have meet some real nice Steeler fans at ever game I have went to I dont think it will compare to what waits ahead for me. I live here in Fayetteville where U of A is and they have shops all over town with little trinkets and other stuff that have their logo on it and all over town you see bumper stickers and hats. What I am getting at is I want to see stuff like that but Steelers and I want to be in the middle 1000's of Steeler fans
cheering on our team. I never backed down at any game I went to from cheering them on (KC got a little spooky) but sometimes you dont feel at ease doing so.

21 days and time will tell

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