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Default Re: Talks resume -- not that they matter to Ike

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
great points on lake but what did he ever do in jacksonville? he was at the end of his career. ike is at the beginning. sure the steelers missed out on plenty of good years out of woodson by letting him go but i think ike at this point of his career shows more upside than rod did when he walked.

word is colclough is having a really good camp. im sure ikes agent is meant to hear that word. if mcfadden proves to be what we want him to be we are in the exact same boat in 2-3 years. ben and troy will be signed and we will still be wondering which cb we will draft and develop with a 1st or 2nd round pick. the steelers cant hope to hit on them all, year after year.
Good observation on Lake being at the end of the line when the Steelers let him go (other than Leon Searcy and Chad Brown most departing Steeler FAs have not done much after they leave). Although I did not make it clear, my point was loyalty is no factor when it comes to signing FAs - Lake got his Steelers' FA offer based on anticipated future performance and not as a life achievemnt award - it is strictly business.

On that point, Woodson had many good years left as a safety after he left Pittsburgh but my understanding is he went to the 49ers in 1997 for less $$ than the Steelers were willing to pay because he wanted to stay at CB and Cowher wanted to move him to safety. Rod thought it was in his interest to walk and he did so, but I think the Steelers are clean as to who made the decision to part company there.
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