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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

Originally Posted by Tankus_Maximus
Cantmakeavalidpoint was right, Ben's and Carson's injuries aren't even comparable. Ben's was LIFE THREATENING, and Carson's was a sports injury. Your QB is timid, and scared to take a hit after sustaining an injury while PLAYING a game, while our QB did a face-plant off a motorcycle. One guy gets his knee twisted, while the other looks the grim-reaper in the face. Hmmmmm...which one of these two situations is the more severe? Bens. And which person in question is the first one to knuckle up and get back in the game? Ben.
Ben's accident was life threatening at the moment it happened, but was in no way a long term injury. Ben is the first one to "knuckle up and get back in the game" because he didn't tear any ligaments in his knee, he just messed up his face and slit an artery...things that can be fixed and not limit him physically for very long. I'm not saying his injury wasn't serious, but it wasn't something that requires months of rehab in order to just walk.

Sure Ben's tough, but if you think he could return from tearing 2 ligaments in his knee in the same amount of time it took him to return from his motorcycle wreck, you're crazy.

Maybe Carson is soft, but at least he's smart enough to not rush himself back into action even when the fans, media, and coaches are urging him to do the complete opposite.
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