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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

Originally Posted by Tankus_Maximus
They're backpeddling so much, it's no wonder Collinsworth is an attorney. Carson oughtta keep his words nice and soft, as he just may have to eat them.

I can respect one man's decision on how to handle his personal health..but that respect goes out the window when you talk as much smack as Carson did.

You reap what you sew.
Exactly...when you talk smack your expected to back it up.For Carson,backing it up meant playing on September 10th...and it's looking more and more like he won't be.

I gaurantee you,if he does play a preseason game,it will be against the other team's backups with his starting o-line in front of him.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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