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Default Lynn Swann update....

As you may recall I posted a take about how much of a jerk I think Swann is. I stated that I ascertained my information from a book. I found the excerpts I was looking for. The book is "Lambert, The Man in the Middle" by Jim O'brien.

1) pg. 346 Chapter named "Signing Stories, Who's Nice and Who's Not"

Saylor had a story about Lynn Swann, a former Steelers' receiver who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the summer of 2002. "I paid $75 a pop for his signature," recalled Saylor. "I had him sign a miniature USC helmet and a miniature Steelers helmet. I dropped $150 right there. I asked him if he'd put his number next to his name. Swann said, 'You're paying for my autograph--nothing else!'

2) pg 346

Frank Caputo, who owns Caputo's Sports Collectibles in Century III Mall, said, " I heard a story where someone asked Swann to sign some stuff that they were going to use to raise some funds for Mike Webster when he was hurting. Swann said he'd do it, but he had to get some money for it. That was disappointing to hear that."

3) pg 348

Another story making th rounds was that Swann got into a dispute with a Steelers' marking rep over how much of a commission the Steelers ought to get from Swann signing memorabilia. "Don't you know," said Swann in a huff, "that you are dealing with a HOF'er."

4) pg 348

I said "Hi, Mr. Swann. I'm a big fan of yours.' He never even acknowledged my greeting. He just turned around and walked back out. It was a real letdown. I felt so stupid for liking him in the first place.

The fourth scenerio was a statement made by a fan who was meeting Swann for the very first time.

I'm posting this just for anyone who questioned the integrity of what I was saying...

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