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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

Originally Posted by floodcitygirl
Great points, Tony. Has it already been posted what an average heal time would be for the kind of injury that Carson sustained?
It would be tough to say what an average time would be since injuries and people are so different. He blew his ACL and MCL right? My guess is that most orthopaedic surgeons would tell the average guy on the street that he might be fully recovered in a year if things went well. But that is for the average guy who doesn't have the resources and time to devote to rehab that an NFL QB does. Nonetheless, connective tissue is connective tissue and it takes its own sweet time to heal.

I considered his predictions to be aggressive at the time. I think he probably thought that if he worked his ass off (like I am sure he has) that he could make it heal faster. That is important for recovering the strength he lost while immobile and for maximizing his muscular systems ability to compensate for decrease joint capsule stability. But hard work unfortunately doesn't account for the whole equasion with an injury like that. Ligaments need plain old time to heal up.
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