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Default Re: carson palmer- fish or cut bait!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
its usually a year. even then weve seen players like jamal anderson or terell davis not be the same yet weve seen players like rod woodson come back in less time and be fine. i think cantstop might have been basing his numbers off of d. culpeppers time to heal since he actually seems ready to go and he is much more of a runner than carson.

it seems really selfish, hopeful, and careless for bengals and their fans to push carson to return earlier than the 6th week of the season.
Well Tony and I agree about a 12 month recovery time so we must be right. I think we should start charging for sports medicine consults.*

*(Hawk Believer and Tony Hipchest are not "licensed" "medical" "doctors". Consult your doctor before believing any of their advice. Listening to them may lead to upset stomach, head aches, dry mouth, anal fissures, male breast development, and pink eye.)
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