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Default Re: What is it like to be around Steeler fans all the time???

Here in Hawaii, team gear starts getting worn toward the end of the season and especially around the ProBowl.... It is kind of interesting to watch the play-off team jerseys showing up more and more as the season progresses.... The one constant is the number of folks wearing Steelers gear..... There was, of course, a big increase in fans as the BandWagon folks jumped on, but that's cool - - - they might learn something or decide to stick around.... I am in in Black and Gold year round... And it is neat to be walking in the mall or down the street and recognize a Steeler Shirt or Cap coming toward you..... There is always that eye contact and usually a "Hello" or "Aloha" and sometimes you end up in a big conversation about "The Team"........ I don't really notice other team gear after ProBowl, but perhaps that is because I am wired to see the Black 'n Gold.....

I did live back in the 'burgh a couple of times - - my ex was USAF and we moved alot.... I was fortunate enough to be there for our first SB victory - - Oh, how sweet that was.... I love to go shopping for Steeler stuff when I go back to visit - - - I walk into a team shop and the clerks fight over who is going to wait on me.... Ebay is also my friend....

The Steeler Nation is a Phenomena that will never be duplicated - - - thank God!!!!
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