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Default Don't Drink and Drive!

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I found out one of my good friends was killed in a horrible car accident. I have known him since we were like 8 years old, he grew up in the same platt as me. The pole he hit is less than a half mile fom my fathers house, and I pass it everytime I go there. There are two skid marks that head directly into the pole. The car flipped into a nearby construction site. The accident happened at around midnight after getting in an arguement with his girlfriend, and leaving the bar. He was dead on impact, and his girlfriend is in serious condition, and lost a leg in the accident.

Accident specialists are trying to piece together exactly what killed the man and what he and the woman were doing when the accident happened. They said the accident tore the vehicle in half.

Police said officers in Miami Township received calls and drove to the accident scene, where they found evidence of a deadly collision. They said a car had struck an electrical pole, causing the car to break apart.

Officers said they have no doubt that whoever was in the car was speeding. Sgt. Scott Fitzgerald said, ?Looks like the car may have been in mid-air when it struck the pole.?

Investigators said the impact killed the man they believe may have been driving. Medics arrived and rushed a woman to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Accident specialists said they found all kinds of signs of the violent impact. They said the car?s exhaust was in a ditch dozens of feet away and a sun visor from the car was imbedded into the electrical pole.

Investigators think the car slid off the right side of the road, the driver overcorrected and skidded all the way across the road into the pole.
He was a great guy! of the coolest guys you would ever meet. I can't beleive he is gone, and I am gonna miss him. I can't help but to feel sorry for all the people that would have met him in the future....They would have liked him a lot.


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