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Default Re: Im not happy

Ah, the by gone “good ole days” when out of state fans like me, back then down in Mississippi were at the whim of the networks. My brother got to see the pathetic Saints every single week. They were so boring fans used to throw paper airplanes from the upper decks and cheer if the plane made it to the field.

To see the guys, you had to have the team winning and then you got to see the Steelers 6, 7, 8 times. I think I actually saw them play 1 time in 1988 to 1989. Something like that. I used to wait around for Berman and “Primetime.”

I will be watching and wish it were live, but I have to admit I am grateful. I think with Directv, I have missed maybe 4 games since we got Sunday ticket in 1999. Those the vcr just didn’t work. About the same pct as missed extra points.
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