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Default Re: T.O. trades in tour de france garb for pads!

T.O. will make Bledsoe look good but it is only a matter of time before T.O. starts whinin that he doesn't have enough balls thrown to him. It makes sense too, because when you think about it.....T.O. really doesn't have enough balls. If he did he wouldn't keep actin like such a spoiled b*tch.

T.O. will tear down 31 teams (He would never be allowed on the Steelers roster) before he gets a ring. For him it is all about the money and the attention. He wants all the praise and glory and cash but cares about no one else or how or what he does to get those things that he wants. When the people on the team around him realize that they boot him out. It happened in San Francisco. It happened in Philadelphia, and it will happen again in Dallas. Only difference is this time it will be fun to watch the circus and laugh because the cowboys knew who he was when they signed him and still signed him so "I told you so's" will be in high order.


"Who said they was all tough? They ain't so tough! Smashmouth football baby! Pittsburgh style!" -Jerome Bettis #36 the BUS in 21-9 victory over Chicago Bears in 2005
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