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Lightbulb True fans don't enjoy watching games

Think about that for a second before you blow your stack and tell me Im full of shit ;)

When you watch another NFL game, a game you have minimal or no interest in the outcome of, don't u just relax and sit back, and enjoy watching football. You can focus on the OL for awhile, then maybe on the TE, then watch the LB flow to the ball, then maybe focus on the QB and his stance and throwing motion. You can sit there relatively stress free and just watch the game. NOt worrying about if you miss something by running to the fridge or taking a phone call. You know all the things YOU CANT DO WATCHING THE STEELERS !

Yes, when you watch the Steelers, especially us super diehards. How often do you get up in the middle of the game to hit the fridge, or go to the bathroom, or answer the phone or a knock at the door ? Probably NEVER, if you're like me. How often do you scream and yell, pace up and down in front of the TV, sit on the edge of your seat with sweaty palms and your heart racing a mile a minute.... What about always having to sit in the same spot on the couch or chair to watch the game? Always eat and drink the same things each week, wear the same Steelers garb, and only wash them if we lose so you get rid of the bad aura of a loss and start fresh?

All the above and more is me each week during the NFL season. My wife can barely stand to live me w/ during the season and she's a pretty avid fan too. If we lose, Im bummed till atleast wednesday..and if we win, Im high as a kite all week. During the games you're stressed beyond belief, throwing remotes, kicking the dog, yelling at the TV at the refs and players & coaches. And by the end of the game you're so exhausted, win or lose, that it takes you hours and normally need a nap just to recover enough to get thru the rest of the evening.

Yeah, football is great, and I love my Steelers like nothing else. It's stressful as all hell but you know what, I wouldnt trade a minute of it for anything!!

but still, think about it, only the average nfl fan can actually ENJOY watching a game.
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