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Default Re: Smizik: Angry Porter should alter attitude

Everyone loves to point out that Porter led the league in sacks last year but Joey played up on the defensive line last year. He wasn't behind them, he was on the right end. I watched every game last year and I have some of them taped, go back and see for yourself.

Play after play Joey makes a surge against the offensive lineman, gets stopped, then he stands around watching. A running back can go up the middle, get stuffed, then cut to Joey's side and go upfield and Joey refuses to pursue. Usually Polo has to come down and get him.

Porter played great in the Denver game but other than that what can anyone remember him for? Against the Colts? Yeah, but one of those sacks he was completely unblocked, the credit goes to Lebeau for that one.

He seems to be good in pass coverage though because not many passes went to the guy he covers.

But I really think we can stick Harrison in his place and get MORE production. More sacks, more tackles, more assists, and save $5m against our cap.
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