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Default Re: Second half O-line - awful

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter07
I am not sure, but i thougth i had read where the Steelers were mixing up where they played tonight to get some of the guys working at new positions in case needed throughout the year they would have the ability to fill in where needed. Not saying that is an excuse, but some of them may have just been new to position. Maybe I am wrong, but i thought is what i had read.
Yes. Brooks on the right was a joke. I completely subscribe to the idea that there is a method to madness. And Russ Grimm would have a method. It's just obvious for the second game in a row that a few guys are gonzo.

What made it more apparent is that the skill players were victim in a sense because the timing was blown to hell more often than not.

Bring on game three.
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