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Default Re: WR Ward turns down Steelers' offer

I personally think that Ward has too much character to "hold out"

You and I saw a man cry his eyes out because he and his teammates did not win the title game. He showed so much heart. And not only then he showed heart ever since he has been on the team.

I refuse to believe that he

1) will hold out
2) not accept being a Steeler

That makes no sense, not in the Hines Ward you and I both know.

If he does want more, etc then he fooled lotsa people. He should be paid more but also his ability to play for how many more years should be kept in mind. If he doesn't accept another offer the Steelers make him (which i doubt) then we should get rid of him. I really do not see this superiorly (is that a word) nice guy turning into a jerk, after all, that is what TO is for.

Hanging in for Hines,
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