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Default Re: Big Ben on Sunday Conversation

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
BTW - your cycle of success that you mention would be the envy of just about every NFL team in the league if it is accurate.


Well we think so as a team overall. We don't believe in those 5 year rebuilding periods of other teams. If you mean QB, then yeah, I kinda went on the top side looking at QB's like Bradshaw, Montanna, Elway. They played good length of time and only got like a handful of great opportunities. Makes me think to ask you if Brady after his three and this year, would you see him with the natural cycles of teams getting more shots in the future? Basically the legend QB only have around 2-4 SB wins. Brady could get that this year, then factor in age and cycles, toward the end he could add a few more to really separte himself. I guess I want to know if you would expect it?
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