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Default Re: sportscenter breaking news

Hmmmm, well to put a little credence in NICK66's seemingly unlikely scenario - but Ben has flat out lied about his injury status in the past - only to be called out by his own coach.

Rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was exaggerating when he said he broke two toes on his right foot during the AFC championship game, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher said.

Roethlisberger told reporters Jan. 25 he wore down physically during the lengthy NFL season and broke two toes while scrambling late in the first half of the 41-27 loss to the New England Patriots.

Cowher seemed irritated Roethlisberger would go public with such a claim, that, in effect, suggested the Steelers gambled with the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year's health by playing him when he was hurt.

"We are unaware of any problems with his toes, OK?" Cowher said.

Roethlisberger didn't specify which toes were broken and wasn't walking with an apparent limp Jan. 24 or Jan. 25.

"Ben does not have broken toes," Cowher said, talking publicly for the first time since the postgame press conference following the Steelers' fourth loss in an AFC title game in 11 seasons. "At the end of the first half, while scrambling, he aggravated some toes he has broken in the past, in high school and college. He mentioned something to Ryan Grove, our assistant trainer, and said he may have broke his toe. When he came off, he said he was fine, and he went back out in the second half and didn't say anything to anybody else for the rest of the game."

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