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Default Re: Job Openings Dwindling

I agree with the following exceptions:

Morey vs Squincy: Morey had 18 special teams tackles and Morgan (33rd pick in 2001) was a kick returner. We need a tackler with Keisel out... not another runner. Keisel had 22 tackles and Morey 18 - you can't lose 40 tackles in one chunck. Morgan could be trade bait to Atlanta and low draft choice (4 or 5) to Atlanta for Duckett. The Duce experimnet should be finalized. The trade won't happen but it could solve some problems on both teams. I thin we keep 2X, 2Y and 2Z receivers.

No way we are keping 10 OL's. We had 7 active and 2 deactive for SB. I think we keep 9 and 1 on the PS. I am thinking OKobi on Injury reserve for first 4 weeks and when we activate him put one of rookies draft picks on PS - which ever is most likely not to picked up by another team. They want to keep 9 with the infamous "swing-man".

I am keeping 3 TE because I think we are going to see a lot of 2 TE sets. I think we started 2 TE in 11 games last year. Keep Davis and try to put "Small Toes" (nickname because of TD catch) Smolko on PS. Smolko has a "GoFor6" nickname... so we got to keep him - hahahahaha.

I think we keep Omar - he came out too early and needs a year on the bench to learn the pro game. If Cowher continues to bad mouth him - he could be safe on PS. If he fails next summer - then cut him.

The PS is very very tricky - you can't put someone on that will be pickedup by another team. So I think Cowher is keeping in mind what he says about potential PS players so that they are less attractive to other teams.
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