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Default Re: Big Ben on Sunday Conversation

The thing is as of the recent years I feel spoilt as a Patriots fan.
There have been plenty of decent organisations over the last few years who have come up just short of a SB win.
I feel that the way BB and SP have approached the salary cap era is without question the method that should be taken as a template for every other team.
We are going to lose some of our very best players - Seymour, Woody etc....but the key is to keep a constant depth at every position....much like the Steelers have done.
So do i expect another win in the next 5 years? No not really - do I expect us to compete each year?....YOU BETCHA!

The thing is , this opinion is held with the backdrop of 3 SB's in 4 years......its not so easy to be patient if you havent won the big prize for a few years.

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