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Default Re: I enjoyed the Steelers not making it to the Superbowl last season

Originally Posted by Nick The Slasher McGirk
I am not a troll but I do hate the Steelers and the majority of their fans. Your teams arrogance killed them last season. That's why it felt great to see you guys go down.
This is the last I'll say about it. We can get to the real blasting from here on out.

I forgot you and that pats are in the same conference. My fault. I should have said you would have lost to us in the superbowl anyway.
A bit of a sad attitude if I may say so.
Why can't you respect the Steelers for their achievements - I have laid my share of smack into em this post-season - but I certainly wouldn't say I hate any of them.
I cannot see how you can accuse the Steelers of taking an 'arrogant attitude' last year - they got as far as they did through sheer hard work, determination and not a small amount of skill.
It so happens they came up against a better side on the day in the Patriots, but who knows what this year holds.

I have alot of respect for the Eagles organisation also, even more so with the backbone you are showing in the T.O. debacle.


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