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Default Re: Pic of my son Bryce and Franco Harris

Got to love it when star athletes new or old are still that nice... alot of times I believe athletes get so tired of being hounded about autographs and all they get kind of bitter toward us fans. I havent ever gotten an autograph and the only 2 games I have gotten to go to was back the first year the Panthers entered the NFL and I got to see them play Denver.. I did get to see John Elway.. and then I got to see the Steelers play in Atlanta in Vicks first game (pre-season) game. I will Never forget on the railway back to the car a man asked me how Vick looked?.... and I told him he looked pretty good on his Back after Kendrell Bell (his rookie season also) took him down on his first or second play. heheheheheheeee
God Bless
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