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Default Re: I enjoyed the Steelers not making it to the Superbowl last season

Originally Posted by Nick The Slasher McGirk
I guess the reason I created this post was because of some of the steeler fans in here and on their message board. Once they beat us and the patriots they just new they were going to win the superbowl.
Honestly, I think that is just pure ignorance on your part. I don't think I know one Steelers fan that "knew" we were going to the SB or even thought it was going to be an easy ride there. Yes, we knocked off the 2 undefeated teams left in the NFL in consecutive weeks. Good accomplishment, but far from a SB appearance. Did I think we were good enough and had a chance...of course I did. I keep faith in my team as I'm sure you do (did you not believe last year was finally the year for you guys to go? And did you know the chance and opportunity was there for you guys? Did you still have to earn it? I think the awnsers to all of those are "yes". But as Steelers fans, we understand the road to the SB is not easy and the AFC had a few teams that could have potentially gone. The pats won and represented the AFC just as expected!
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