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Default Re: Rusty Duce Is Happy To Carry The Load

I am worried about Staley a lil too after being very positive coming into camp. I am not worried about our running game as a whole.. I think with Ben being able to run a no huddle, adding a TE who can catch along with having some speed guys like Holmes, Wilson, and Reid, Morgan will keep teams from loading up on us, or else Ben will have some huge ass yardage. Parker is still the man and he looks good. Haynes appears to be keeping his usually spot and Humes has looked good at time, so so other times.

But Staley, who i think will be important to us this year is not making me very happy cause i guess i was looking forward to seeing the old DUCE, not the 280 pound Staley lol I am suprised they have not made him get more fit, short yardage back or not !! Not everyone can be Jerome Bettis. I want Staley to lose weight and get back to being who he was, not the Michelin Man.

He will be needed at same point during the season.
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