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Default Re: Cowher not happy with camp

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43
No doubt. I believe the majority of what Cowher has to say is a complete mental game towards the players. He could be content, but he very rarely shows it.

He might throw them a bone every once in a while (example: ).

But in order to keep them level headed and not complacent, I believe he tends to downplay their accomplishments to a degree. Just my opinion/theory.
i think your opinion/theory is dead on. i could be wrong but i always though cowher was a psychology major in college. he seems like the coach who will rip someone infront of all the teamates and voice his displeasure and then pull that player aside a little later and give them a little one on one to instruct them how to correct their mistakes in a more "friendly" manner.

just like in the superbowl dvd when hes talking and joknig with duce and jerome on the sidelines. they were like "were killing them" and cowher was like "no, we keep screwing it up". duce and jerome just laughed. "ok "
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