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Default Re: Oh well...Madden 07 letdown.

Originally Posted by Hammer67
Just tried out Madden 07 on the regular X-Box and I must say that I am totally unimpressed. I have been a long time Madden player (Back in the Sega Genesis days!). I loved Super Tecmo Bowl before it.

When I first tried Sega's ESPN 2K series, I was blown away by how refreshing it was and the 2K5 game from two years ago was, and still is, the greatest football game ever made. All EA does with Madden si provide a roster update and some goofy feature like QB passing cones each year. Gameplay on 07 is basically the same that it was on 03. Since the NFL gave EA exclusive rights to Madden, I was depressed. I know EA will just be content with offering up a roster update and charging another $40.

Gripes with Madden07:

- Dialogue is the same as previous years
- Graphics and animations are basically the same
- Gameplay is the same (although you actually have blockers on punt returns now)
- Camera angles and replays are the same?can't we get a better presentation?

Maybe they are taking the if it ain't broke then don't fix it path, but the Sega series seemed so much more innovative with things like the ESPN license and making the games feel like a broadcast. Remember the Chris Berman halftime show??!!

Oh well?time to update the ESPN NFL 2K5 rosters and schedule and begin another season on it!

For those looking to get it, unless you want to play the superstar mode, skip it and use Madden 06 or, better yet, ESPN 2K5 with roster updates and you got the same game.
I'm with you on the 2K5 season!!!! It's a real shame though that EA felt preasure from the 2K series so they bought the exclusive rights.

Exclusive Rights = "We can produce crap and everyone will still buy it"
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