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Default Re: Oh well...Madden 07 letdown.

Our daughter wanted a DS in the worst way for Christmas last year. Santa managed to find the money for it. ;)

I found myself playing the Mario Kart game alot and decided to get one for myself once my wife got her yearly bonus. Her bonus was excellent so we got one for our son as well.

They are alot of fun to play in the car on long trips. The wireless game play is fantastic! Mario Kart never fails to amuse us for atleast an hour in the car.

I did try the "game" Brain Age. I liked the premise behind it but I found it lacking. The voice recognition never worked for me. I wonder if my voice is just too deep for it to pick up well. I dunno. After 2 days of trying to use it, I took it back.

I have several GBA game for it too. (GBA = Game Boy Advance) Dr. Mario is alot of fun. I also have two Street Fighter games.

As for Madden 07... Here are my initial thought on it for the DS.

1. I hate the new kick off procedure. You use the stylus to select the start point and end point of your kick. Then you have to rapidly draw a line between the 2 and hope for the best. I definitely prefer last version kick offs.

2. I selected the Steelers as my favorite team. Now on all of the menu screens there's a shot of a Steeler's player. Troy, Hines, or Wille. I like that.

3. The controls for running with the ball are slightly different. You can't straight arm anymore. :o( Most everything else seems the same or I haven't noticed any changes yet.

4. In Madden 06 the main action took place on the upper screen. In Madden 07 it's on the lower screen. I think I would prefer if they hadn't changed this.

5. In 06 when you went to select a play you had 6 choices on the screen and could scroll up or down for the others. In 07 you get only 3 choices and have to scroll more to get to the others. :o( I don't like this.

6. The character models and graphics seem to be about the same as Madden 06. I don't know if it's possible to make them any better.

7. The commentary seems very bland and no different from last year. I wasn't impressed with it last year either so ... Atleast it's not worse IMO.

8. It has Hines Ward doing kick off returns??!! WTF? I'm gonna change that I think.

I'll post more after I play for a few days. These were just my initial thoughts.
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