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Default Re: WR Ward turns down Steelers' offer

Originally Posted by AllAmericanSteelerGirl#7
I was watching the news and they were talking to Hines. And Hines himself said that for a fact he will not go to training camp until a deal is done. He said he wants somewhere around 10 million with signing bonuses. The Steelers better get their priorities straight and sign Ward. Because he is such a big part of our team. Not only is he a great athlete, but hes a great teamate, (unlike Plax). Without Ward, we're gonna suffer. The Steelers had 6 MONTHS to sign him, yet they wait until the very last minute and its so aggravating!

I agree I think that's my biggest gripe about this whole thing. From everything I have seen it looks like there was little negotiating going on. If Hines Ward was infact the number one priority why was there such little talk. I do think Hines and the Steelers will come to an agreement on the contract extension whether Hines takes the current offer or the Steelers offer another one. When? I have no clue. I would like to see it done before camp, but that is seeming less and less likely. I would like to see this settled soon.
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