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Default Re: Don't Drink and Drive!

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Sorry about your loss, and everyone elses.

I also had two friends killed by a drunk driver, just about 4 years ago. The drunk driver was the only one that lived. He killed three, his passenger, and my two friends in the other car. This was the drivers seventh DUI conviction, that is the tragic part.

Wow! One is bad enough... it will usually teach a person! But 7? These people do NOT need to be driving.

When I was in court, at the trial when Ricky died, before the trial started, they took care of all the quick stuff... and one of the cases was a guy who was there for his NINTH DUI....
the judge made the mistake of saying, "Mr so & so, I see you're here on your 10th DUI charge" .. the man had the gall to say "no your honor, its only my 9th" ...

dang - find some way to make sure these people can't drive a car!
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