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Default Re: Steelers LB's still see themselves as leaders

I think our linebackers have been so awesome at least under the Cowher era for mnay reasons...

One is consistancy...1 coach with a philosophy and our schemes arent changing every other year.

Another is .... our Defensive coordinator ( Dickie L ) .. Will be in HOF IMO some day down the road. His 3-4 defense is linebacker friendly and he put Blitzburgh on the map. His defenses have made soem of the best QBs in the league look like High School kids because they couldnt figure out what he is doing. Lebeaue and Cowher appear to have the same mentality and are a perfect fit for each other. The Steelers have been able to consistantly find talent that plays within our system, maybe not another teams.

Most important though, i think what is lost when talking about this era'a of Steelers linebackers and why they do so well is, The front 3. The front 3 are the guys that allow the linebackers to get to the RB, QB and is what makes the confusion start at the snap of the ball. They will never get enough credit because the stats wont be there, but they are the point of attack and what makes our LB's use thier stregths. You wont see them on highlight films, but those three are so important to make the 3-4 work.
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