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Default Re: Would you hold out ?

That is a tough question considering the thread I made about what is more important?
The main thing that Hines has to complain about is the fact the last year the Steelers told him that he would be priority this year. All the draft choices are all signed, and here we
are 2 days away from training camp, talks just started this past monday, with only one offer, where is the priority. Ward has done all they have asked. Remember he was going to sit out last year at this time, until Cowher made the phone call. He has said that he does not want to break the bank just garanteeded money. They offered a 9 Mil bonus, he wants more like 12 Mil, give it to him and lets move on. Most of the time when the Steelers
are in this postion they have someone waiting in the wing who they have been grooming.
Not in this case. Hines Ward deserves the money so lets pay him and make that run for the Super Bowl for the next couple years. Now to answer the question, for me it would be a hard choice to hold out or not. The Steelers promised to make him priority and get him under contract which they have not done yet, but to sit out could mean missing out on a strong chance of going to the Super Bowl this year. Again I will ask which is more important, getting paid or winning the big game???
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