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Originally Posted by SteelersFever View Post
More Moderators are on the way. Don't you worry about that. And by the way, I'm active behind the scene. Please, I would love to see you manage the homepage, writers, message boards and all technical errors that sometimes I don't even understand. It's more complicated than you think. I do my best, but I can't please everyone. So, whatever... AHHH!!!

I know how much work overseeing, organizing, etc it takes. I think you do a great job Mike and until someone takes your job over for a day , they will have no clue what you do. You don't need to explain anything to any of us, we all know who the brains of this site is. Prosdo is an excellent assest and every MB needs someone as dedicated as she is, although few get it, she was an awesome choice. She has nothing to gain, she has no ego she is a young lady confident within herself that she will do her very best and beyond. And she does, she has my upmost respect as do you.
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