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Default Re: Ward seeks contract discussion

let him sit out, 10 to 12 million for a possesion receiver is way too much. everyday he sits he losses money. let him sit out and he will be back by week six or eight, i forget which week they must return before they forfet the season but i think its eight. so he plays a half of season with us and the playoffs then we franchise his sorry but next and he still is not a free agent. that way in his greed he misses out on the real big money. the signing bonus. i believe everybody has a right to earn money, but to turn down the most lucrative contract offer in steeler history and then say its not enough spits in the face of everybody who has ever cheered for the steelers. it only backs what i have come to believe that in the modern era of sports that i am a fan of the steelers not plaxico, big ben, or hines ward - i am a fan of the black and gold - the pittsburgh steelers...
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