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Default Re: What do you want??????

franchise his ass next year and the year after that and the year after that (if still is any good)...look at the colts and james, that way he selfish ass never getts a big signing bonus.. the highest paid player in franchise history...sorry i deserve a afc championship instead of crying to the damn cameras....look at tom brady...the best player in the nfl takes less money than vick to keep as much of the team intact as is possible....go make a lot money with somebody else...remeber yancey thigpen....did not do shit with tennessee after signing a huge contract, what did andre hasting do after he left the steelers for big money? do we want a peyton type contract for this team. thats why i hate peyton, he cares more about his money then winning. i understand, i just do not want that type of player on my team..
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