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Default Re: Steelers @ Eagles Gameday Thread

Originally Posted by BBC View Post
I'm personally not too worried about our defensive backfield. They have never really been overly impressive in coverage, and they weren't last season either. The thing that makes the Steelers defense able to shut down the pass (or at least slow it down) is the pass rush. When the Steelers are bringing in their blitz packages, no one - not even Peyton Manning - can pass on them. Not to say that I don't care about the secondary, as I'll still be watching to see who should be out there starting, and who could be able to make a big impact at the DB position, but I'm more worried about watching guys like Keisel (whom I know you mentioned, I totally agree with your assesment on him), Aaron Smith, Clark Haggans, and Foote.

Mike Barr. I'm a big fan of Chris, and would like to see him stay, but I won't lose sleep over who is punting for us.
Thanks BBC,

Whats the deal with Mike Barr?

I take it he is a UDFA?

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