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Default Re: What do you want??????

Unless you know something that I don't ..... They said maybe he got offered 9 mill signing bonus other than that nobody has a clue at what he was offered. Highest paid Steeler sounds good. What are the numbers. I won't speculate at the numbers until I know what they are. The highest paid Steeler might be the 50th highest paid player ever. We don't know without numbers. Lets do it by position. He can't be replaced. Do you want Moss? Owens? NO!! and I'm sure Hines doesn't demand their money. Marvin is a true stud (al a RICE) and Ward has said he doesn't want his money but be close. Holt is well paid too but his contract hasn't been talked about for awhile. Cause he is well paid and doesn't cry. Ward idn't crying just wants soem fairness. Chad Johnson is underpaid and has stated so. He might hold out too who knows. I mentioned 5 WRs other that Ward who I think are actually better than him. At the position. How would you like to be the 6th best person at the job you do. Come on overall. In the country no matter what you do how would you like to be able to do your job better thatn 6 other people? Would you like to paid like it? Sure you would. I'm not worried the Rooney's and Ward wil come to terms because they are great realistic people......but don't ever let this tarnish Hines image its business. We would all do the same if we could or had the leverage. I know I would.
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