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Default Re: What do you want??????

Yeah he doesn't stretch the field or get 20 TD's or such, but he does catch the ball which moves the chains, which is important when you run on 1st for 3, run on 2nd for 3, then throw on 3rd for 5. Also he has never said anything about us continuing to hand off the ball which might have cost him a chance at the league rec title, he never argued about "throw me the damn ball", and never got into jaw spit swapping with Cowher on the Sideline like another high signing bonus player of ours. Just think all that is enough to to put together a decent enough deal to keep him here and not feel bad because you banked on this player for the next five years. Out of the WR's out there, next to Harrison, I'd put more money into Ward than anybody else cause I know even if I don't get it on the field I'll get it elsewhere.
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