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Originally Posted by Stillers#1 View Post
How, exactly, does one "abuse" the rep system. I have no idea who did it, I have a clue, but no one got hurt by this "abuse". I think this is a case of everybody taking their "rep" a little too seriously.

Personally, I liked the rep idea, and I hope it comes back. I don't think it was a case of people abusing it, I just think it was a case of people getting to upset for being dinged for no reason whatsoever.

What I have seen on other non-sport related sites is, your rep power is only associated, with some formula that takes how long you have been around combined with how many posts they have. It sounds difficult, but I think it could work. You could also have a system where the user picks whether they even want to have rep or not. If you don't want to have rep, you don't get to give rep. It make take a little bit of fudging around, but people like Koopa, Tony, and even LITP deserve to have all that rep that they EARNED.
People did take it a bit too seriously, but people were also negative repping people everyday for no reason. It was getting quite ridiculous. Hopefully with the changes all should be well.
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