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Default Re: What do you want??????

I don't know BBG7, I think you may have read more stuff than I have cause I don't see it as being as bad as you paint Ward to be right now. Steelers have a long history of not letting players we want to keep around "sweating" their final year of their contract. Also, he did a very PC thing when he didn't ruffle when we redid Tommy's contract with more years left. I think he has only spoken to the media because they have asked him, not him seeking them out(like TO). While I wish we could just sign him, heck the announcement alone could probably sell another 1,000 cases of Ward jerseys in a day, I can understand him feeling that he is okay to not ask for a bank breaking contract but with a higher signing bonus. I am a little confused why it is taking this long because our FO knew about all this last season, and we picked our rookies in April. We act like we just got back from summer vacation to a stack of memos on our desk.
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