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Default Re: What do you want??????

I agree...this is something that should have been addressed much sooner than it was, esp. considering that they promised Ward that he would be a top priority this year, not to mention we lost our #2 guy. I also agree with the statemant about Ward taking the Maddox thing very well, and I completely disagreed with the Steelers re-doing maddox's deal then. To me maddox was and always has been replacable, but Ward is not that easily replaced! I have seen fans take both sides of this and I am kindof standing in the middle here. I will say that I want this to get settled and I wish it would have never come down to this. I have seen many different things about what he wants and what the Steelers are offering so I don't know the truth there. Like I said..I will still like him, but I will have a hard time seeing him like I used to.
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