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Default Re: C'mon...Test me.

Originally Posted by bigbensgirl7
Yo know, just when I thought you couldn't look any more ignorant-you prove me wrong. CONGRATS!!! You are here in a Pittsburgh Steelers MB talking smack, comparing stats that are not relevant, and trying to put us down. First off, if you can dish it better be able to take it! Next, what good does it do to point out numerous times that we lost in the playoffs when your team hasn't been there for 15 years or so. Hell from what I've seen over at the Lair, they think your just as ignorant over there as most of us do. We don't care what you do in school or were you go...that doesn't mean you know about football and the Steelers and that's what this forum is...maybe if you go to an Afrikan Amerikan history might have some knowledge on the subject, but it is clear you don't have any when it comes to the Steelers and football in general!
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